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1 or 2 wideband O2 sensors

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Exhaust O2 sensors. Using AEM Series 2 ECU.


Above is the exhaust that will be used with our J34A4 Honda V6. This header has quite a long distance to the connection from each side of the engine. Should I consider putting two O2 sensors in closer to the exhaust manifolds?

If we modify this exhaust to be dual exhaust I assume it would be required that we run two o2 Sensors.

Thank you


It really depends how thorough you want to be. If I'm building a V configuration engine I would always prefer to have a sensor for each bank. This will allow you to correct for any bank to bank discrepancy you see in the two lambda measurements. Of course to do anything useful with the data you would also need an ECU that has the capability to trim individual cylinders (or banks).

If you're worried about the distance to the collector when running a single lambda sensor, this is unlikely to be a huge concern. The delay you're likely to see in the lambda reading will be minimal, particularly at high rpm/load.

You are correct, if you want to add a second port, you would be best to add a second sensor. Of course you could perform a dyno run using one port and then swap to the other and check for any lambda discrepancy but it's not ideal.

Hello Andre,

I Have a V configuration engine and two wideband sensors, one for each bank. The discrepancy between the two is about 0.8 to 1. I am running an Adaptronic M6000 Modular ECU. It has the capability to trim the individual cylinders. I have No exhaust leaks. Should i go about making the Lean bank Richer by trimming all the cylinders on that bank? Or Trim the cylinders one at a time until i see the AFR match? Or is it safe to take the AFR average of the two banks my true AFR? Also, how much is a safe factor to trim the individual cylinders by? +- .05



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