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13b ecu recommendation

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hi everyone,

first time poster here.

i currently have a 13b in my ae86 with an old microtech lt10s ecu, i built and wired the car my self and it preformed really well at the last drift day until the vband (if you can call it that) came loose on my BorgWarner s300sx resulting in straight exhaust gasses and no doubt flame onto the intake manifold.

this along with it being a 35degree day resulted in my injectors melting like candles on the intake manifold :(

i have since replaced the injectors and section of loom that melted but now we are back in lockdown here in Melbourne i am looking to spend some time and upgrade the engine wiring harness and ecu. and i thought no better place to ask advice from people who would have tuned with them first hand. I'm torn between the ecu master emu black, the haltech elite 1500 and the link xtreme. price differences aside would anyone be able to shed some light on what they have used and had great results with? ill attach some images of the damage tomorrow for reference.

thanks Benny

Hi Benny i have used all three and recommend the Link for the following Reasons on board scope

ability to test the outputs in a test mode and the amazing logging the actual running and tuning of all three is basically the same but the above features will keep me tuning with link.

What about fueltech ft550? How would that stack up against Haltech elite1500?


I went from microtech to haltech and what a game changer

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