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15 Escalade Cold Air Intake install followed by engine running extremely ....

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15 Escalade K&N Cold Air Intake install followed by engine running extremely rough and CE light flashing a week later. Only mod to OEM tune was DOD disable which has been in for over a year. Checked all hoses for leaks, MAF is installed in correct direction and plugged. Put OEM tune back in with DOD enabled again and still ran like garbage. Its almost as if a cylinder is dead. I had to limp it home, power was definitely reduced. Any ideas, lmk.

Was able to log the file below. hit the gas one time while sitting idle.

Attached Files

Can you give more details?

On the surface of it, if the trouble developed after the CAI was fitted, that suggests it may be the source of the problem - did it develop over a few days or happen suddenly?

It's certainly possible a connection wasn't made correctly and has become dislodged, but if the engine uses a 'hot wire' type AFM, I know K&N filters have caused issues, in some instances, with over-oiled filters resultintg in oil being drawn into the engine and onto the hot wire, causing it to run hotter and the engine to think less air is entering the engine and so under-fuel it.

It developed over a week and a half. The difference yesterday was that we were on a distance trip and made several WOT passes. Although nothing occurred while WOT. All seemed fine after the approximate 1.25 hour drive to our destination but noticed it running roughly when we stopped at a gas station. No oil added at installaton and ALL connections verified. Removed and reinstalled MAF just to be sure it was in properly as well.

I would think the Check Engine code (DTC) would be a useful clue as to what the problem is.

Not having much time in with HP Tuners, I didn’t realize I had to actually request the codes although a log had been created. Figured all data would be captured and available in log file, not the case. I am in the process of d/c batt for hopeful reset. Doubtful but have to try. Afterward I’ll pull codes and post results.

The "reset" procedure cure only worked for about a minute or so and then back to rough running and TC light/CE lights coming back on. Pulled these codes..

0x7E8: P0300 - Random Misfire Detected (Pending, Current, Old)

0x7E8: P0307 - Cylinder 7 Misfire Detected (Permanent)

Update:new plug, new wire, new coil pack, no change. Called K&N and was told there is nothing that could’ve caused this result. Oddly enough, I found the exact same scenario(0307)with a Ford owner after installation of K&N CAI. What are the chances both motors had a bad coil pack/plug/wire on cylinder 7, at the exact same time as CAI installation?

Just to be clear, cylinder 7 is rear most, driver side? White smoke is coming out exhaust upon ignition but how can that be if the plug is firing? I’m lost, ANY help is greatly appreciated. 🤯🤬

Is this engine port injected or direct injection? If Port injectoted: Does the behavior change if you disconnect the injector for cylinder 7?

If no, then what about another cylinder? Does that cylinder then report as a misfire?

If the problem is the cylinder 7 injector (i.e. no change connected or disconnected), consider swapping it with another cylinder to see if the problem stays on cylinder 7 (wiring), or moves to the new cylinder (injector).

It is firing, or at least has spark, that’s the weird thing. I pulled wire on cylinder 7 while running and it had spark. I even swapped the wire with the first cylinder wire, driver side, same code(0307). I have read that a sticky injector will cause this as well? I’m lost… at this point I’ve replaced plug, wire and coil pack and no change…

I was about to suggest pulling ALL the spark plugs - I'm 'old school' and the spark plugs can tell a lot about what's happening in the engine.

#7 is the one you report as being the problem, was that spark plug noticeably different from the others? If it was darker or black but dry it would indicate either a weeping injector or ignition misfire - you've said the spark was good, so would suggest the former if this was the case; if it was dark, shiny and the threads were oily, it would indicate an oil control problem/fouling; if it was white or lighter than the others it would suggest the injector is restricting fuelling.

As was suggested, swapping round injectors and ignition components can help narrow down the problem - say the injector was swapped to #5 and the ignition to #3, if the misfire moved to one of them it'd point in that direction but if it stayed at #7 it would suggest a mechanical or wiring problem. A cheap compression tester to compare cylinders would help with the first.

I am surmising your misfire is due to no combustion. The reason for no combustion is because no fuel. So disconnect the fuel injector connection to test this theory.


Im going to go with a stiky(bad) injector at this point. Any thoughts are appreciate and again, thank you all for your input. I suppose since Ive had the CAI installed, I have been driving it a bit harder, mainly to hear the sound difference during hard acceleration. 57k miles, I suppose the additional stress couldve broke it but. The plug smells of fuel to some degree but nothing too overwhelming.


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