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Hey All,

I am also looking into tuning a Mitsubishi Starion. I've been told that the Megasquirt is the ecu to go with. But I would like to hear it from you guys.



Depends on your budget

Hey Justin,

There is never a single 'right' ECU for any application - Sadly it's not that simple. While we don't see much in the way of Megasquirt here in NZ, we caught up with the guys at PRI last year and I was pretty impressed with what they are producing. I would say in general the best option for any application would depend on how much support you are likely to need. The Megasquirt is probably still best for a more advanced or technically minded user. There are others on the market that are a little more user friendly or alternatively you will have access to more support.

Start by deciding on the functions you need from the ECU (I/O, software features etc) and then consider your budget. For any combination of there are likely to be a number of ECUs that fit your criteria.