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1JZ Base Timing?

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Not exactly sure if this is the correct place to be asking this kind of a question or request, but I've received an MS3X second-hand with my 1JZGTE VVT-i, however the timing map doesn't seem to be reliable, and I've encountered a bunch of points in the map wherein I've encountered detonation. Sounds like marbles in the cylinders...

Anyways, if anyone has any idea of what I could refer to, so I can reset it all (and back off timing where I need be), as well as the base VVTI-i(gear) map, it would be greatly appreciated.

I've tried to contact countless individuals for references, regarding what owners of the Power FC maps displayed, but to no avail.

If it means anything, I've got a Crown Athlete 1JZGTE VVT-i running 860cc injectors, and a Holset HY35W at about 18~20psi

Hello how about putting your map up and we can take a look and work with you to sort it

Regards Ross

here we go, i hope it kind of shows my troubles.

also, for some reason i have 2 different fuel VE maps, one that starts from 30kpa to 165ish, then second carries up from 165 to around 350ishkpa, probably to separate low boost/main load areas for driving, i'll take a picture of those soon, but the tables aren't exactly tuned at all, has just been enriched due to being excessively lean at tip-in and such

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hello i would think from this map there would not be any det unless the base timing is not set correctly i will post a ignition map that should close but you will need to check the base timing ( which means locking the timing to 10 degress in the software and adjusting the offset until the timing light shows 10 degress also) then apply this and save the tune. if this part is not set correctly then the entire ignition map will be out.

ths is the base map i would start with take not of having the base timing set correctly ""

I appreciate the response, as well as the image reference! I actually dropped the timing back in the top high load areas down from around the original settings of being in the mid teens for advanced timing, as it was very very aggressive, since the car originally ran in the higher RPM with methanol injection. I believe it was somewhere in the realm of between 15~18. I dropped it significantly from there, and that was the final result of my fear with the health of the engine.

It also seems the VE tables are quite.... questionable, as well. I will share that when I have some time tomorrow evening.

Meanwhile, I will make sure the engine is timed correctly, and report back. Thank you!

Hello with meth injection you will be able to add more timing when it is active but make sure you have a fail-safe mode set correctly

i would expect another 3-4 deg could be used when it is active

Regards Ross

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