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1JZ GTE Link G4x Timing

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Hello this is my first time using a link G4 and also tuning it for the first time myself but I can’t seem to pass a small hiccup that’s not allowing me to basically get the process going. When I initially go to set the base timing in the Trigger calibration window I try to sync it to zero but my timing mark is way retarted. So I already know with that I’m facing issues. I can’t really lock the timing if ecu commands one thing and the car does another. Before I installed car was running perfect so I know it’s a me thing. My question is I can’t just be adding numbers in the top box to lock the timing at 0. Example I have 15 degrees in the top box nothing in the offset trigger and my timing is reading 5 degrees which means I’m 10 off. This has been the issue I’ve been facing with and can’t seem to overcome. I always try to sync at zero to then lock at 10 to get my initial timing set but for some reason it’s just not happening. I’m aware once I leave the calibration window it goes to what the ignition table reads. But due to the car not being in timing it’s reading 10 degrees off I suppose.


Link Engine Management How To Set and Check Your Base Timing

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