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1jz-gte trigger issue

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hello guys,

i am facing an issue with a 1jz engine, car came runing just fine on motec m84, i fitted my ecu which is also a m84 tried to run the car, but it doesnt run unless i put the number of coils 3 which is wasted spark which keeps the engine missfiring, car is wired sequential coils and injectors.

ref/ sync capture and trigger page is attached.

Attached Files

Is there a reason why you can't copy the setup from the other M84? Your configuration appears to be correct. Have you set the crip value correctly?

Hello andre,

the other m84 is tuned somewhere else and it is locked. Crip has not been set properly as the pully has no marks on it. Could that be the issue that the car only fires 3 coils? Or is not running on a seq mode?

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