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1JZ Trigger offset issue

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i have a problem with link storm ecu running wasted spark on stock igniter and coils

the problem that locking the timing at both zero and 10 degree never matches the trigger offset,i tried front cam sensor on 355 and rear -6,so the number seems odd from what i usually use and whats written in the linkecu help file

i checked the wiring for both crank and cam sensor trigger and ground and its correct and i compared it to other car which runs fine..i attached the file in case you need to take a look.

other thing i noticed the timing light didn't work if connecting the inductive pickup on both wires together...but it worked on each wire connected separately

is it normal for inductive pickup to flash if connected to the 12v coil pin ?

please let me know.

Best Regards.


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Have you checked your mechanical timing on the belt? Or even adjusting the trigger offset to line up properly?

I'm not 100% sure exactly what you're meaning with your question? Have you gone through the process of actually calibrating the trigger offset in the software to align the timing value in the laptop to what you're seeing with a timing light?

With the sensors on the 1JZ being fixed the calibration offset should be very similar between different engines, at least within manufacturing tolerances. If you find that you're a long way away from a typical value then I'd agree with Chris and suggest checking your mechanical engine timing. Additionally if the polarity of a reluctor sensor is incorrect this will result in the timing swinging as rpm changes.

thanks guys for your reply

problem solved !

well i did check everything previously and it ended up being timing light problem..dial back timing light never works correctly with wasted spark due to engine speed calculation being doubled..but something was wrong with my timing light as the value didn't match even at zero degree which puzzled me.



yep that can cause a lot of confusion, i always use a non advance timing light with engine running waste spark coils .

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