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1JZ VVTI stalling under throttle

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Hello, I have a 1JZ vvti as stated. Ran on a haltech elite 2500. Got the car back from the shop and it ran great. Let it sit for a week and went to start it up this weekend and as soon as I apply any throttle the car dies. I called the guy who tuned my car and after running through the basics he said to unplug the vvti and see what happens. The problem went away and the car revs just fine. Its stock bottom end, with 264 cams and upgraded valve springs. I'm not sure what other information is needed but it was recommended to me that I clean out the vvti solenoid. Any clue as to what is going on would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like the cam has advanced too much (when cold), and the fueling isn't correct causing the stall. It would be interesting if you warmed up the car, then switched it off, attach the vvti solenoid and see if the problem repeats. If so, then your problem is related to temperature, and knowing that will help your tuner address the issue. If can capture data logs (particularly showing Cam angle target and actual position) that would probably be helpful.

I'd take the tuners advice and clean or replace the solenoid, sounds like he's right on the money and a bad vvti solenoid will cause some major drivability issues. Got a 4g69 work ute that the cam timing jerks around as it attempts to retard over 3k rpm and it shakes the car to bits lol. It's a horrible feeling, easy fix though and you've verified the solenoid is the issue.

David, I idled the car until it got warm and tried revving it, car dies. Start it right back up, and the car idles fine. I unplug vvti and it revs exactly as it should, go to plug it back in, and it dies yet again. It happens no matter the temperature. But I believe you're right. It sounds like under any throttle input the cam advances way too much for idle and kills the car. And Anders, how do you propose it wants to advance it at idle? In my mind the fail state of vvti would be to not actuate at all. Anyways, I'll try cleaning it and see what happens then.

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