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2.4 long rod Evo 6262 id2000s link g4 mbt

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hi guys I ive built and mapped more Evos skylines and Subaru’s than I can remember now but being a small two man company and my only dyno access being 60 miles away I have never really had the problem im facing at the minute in the early days it was mapping stock ish Evos in stock ecu 360 ish hp which was easy on the road then as I started building full motors in many variation 2.0 long 2.2 long 2.3 stroker all around 556hp 489ftlb still managing on the road most of them with a trip to the dyno for a final revision I’ve managed but as I’ve become more advanced and developed a reputation for working with the link g4 and the 4g64 block resulting in 2.4 long rod I now have started to play with various Fuels manly for cost reason 20/80 meth and 99oct I have come across a problem I’ve never had before which is lack of knock limitation so here’s today’s problem I took the last two builds to the dyno both 2.4 same cams fuel ecu g4 on meth mix the motor that needed to do the big numbers managed 600hp and 592ftlb of torque was aiming for 700hp

Sorry for the huge post sat in bed with the wheels turning round and round

So are you concerned about over advance or why the package didn't make expected power?

Turbo/intercooler/exhaust sizing all appropriate? Not running softer rubber on the dyno?

That turbo would be pretty well out of steam past 600whp anyway wouldn't it? Most people aiming for 700 would be looking at a bigger turbine at least?

Figures where flywheel horsepower my concern is that the previous identical build managed 599hp on just 99oct fuel at 1.9bar with considerably less timing so have I detuned it I wonder or has the mixed fuel lost a lot of calorific value that it’s reduced its ability to get the numbers

Double check cam timing? Do the maps look similar?

The maps are the same map other than running 7 degrees less on the car that mad better power at lower boost all cams are dialed with neither advanced or retarded the only variable I could imagine is that the motor that did the better torque at 2.4 bar has a cheaper inter cooler than the track car maybe it cannot flow at the same rate and I’m just aimlessly squeezing 2.4bar through it

Might be worth checking the air temp and comparing between the two engines post intercooler. At one point my intercooler supplier in NZ switched to another company in China. The intercoolers externally looked 100% identical. On the dyno with one of the new cores we were fighting a massive lack of power and insanely high air temps. We inspected the inside of the intercooler and found the new corse were essentially straight tubes with absolutely no internal fins for heat dissipation. We swapped back to the older style intercooler and picked up 45 kW atw and air temps dropped by about 40 deg C. Could be completely unrelated to your problem but worth mentioning.

Found the difference guys looked through my build sheets and looks like I have used two different pistons with compression heights being 9.1 on one and 10.1 on the motor that did the good numbers with ease

That'd definitely explain some things.

Have any of you guys tried running a 4g rs323 modem with a link g4 would like to monitor the car whilst on track if possible rather than wait to pull logs