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2 AFR sensors?

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So I pulled the trigger and placed an order for ECU Master EMU Black plug n play for 2007 Lotus Exige S.

I'm planning to add an IAT sensor but not sure what to do for AFR sensor.

I already have an AFR sensor hooked up to AIM dash with LCU lambda controller.

Since EMU ECU doesn't use two stock narrow band O2 sensors, should I switch one of them with ECU Master AFR sensor for ECU?

Do I need two separate AFR sensors for ECU and AIM Dash?...

You will appreciate having the Lambda data going direct to your ECU, both for live tuning and logging. Since the ECU CAN protocol sends the Lambda data to the AiM, you can keep your LCU-one for comparision in your Aim Datalogs, or sell it, and just use the ECUMaster.

Thank you David.

I will keep both and see how they compare before making a decision.