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20+ Thermocouple to CAN amplifier...

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I use a c185 at work for data logging and testing at work (heavy machinery) and am in the process of validating new engine/ cooling package. Need to be able to be able to feed a lot of thermocouples back to the dash via can. The E888 seems like a ok option... if I buy 3 of them...

Anyone seen a unit with more than 8 thermocouple inputs?

I'm not aware of any with more than 8 channels, happy to be informed otherwise.

Just use the ECU Master CAN EGT. It has 8 channels, but is way cheaper than a motec expander and can just send everything in over CAN.

I honestly didn't think ecu master had one when I was searching yesterday... But found it straight away on there website. It's cheap even in aus too.

Bit light on details, but will definitely consider it.


If you need more IO, perhaps one E888 plus two TC8s, but if you just need thermocouples, 3 TC8s could work. You'll just want to switch them to simplified output rather then E888 replication.

Buy two CANChecked TCC10 and you have your 20 thermocouple to CAN inputs you can easily log in the dash.

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