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2000 Aristo 2jzgte ecumaster black, randomly stopped running.

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Hey there, I ran into a issue this summer and I finally got back and got some time to try to trouble shoot my issue.

Heres a little info on the car

It's a 2000 toyota aristo 2jzgte vvti

stock bottom end

built head with bc 264 cams

single turbo 61mm

walbro 535

aem pressure reg

radium fuel rail

fic 775cc injectors

built auto trans

Here's the story,

the car was driving perfectly fine, we were just getting into it and getting ready to start making jam.

out of no where in august at roughly 2pm the car just stalled out, then it took a some cranks and she started, drove it home parked it, went to go out again later and start the car and it wouldnt start, it would crank and stumble like its about to start then it would just go back to starting. I changed plugs in the middle of night, ignition system,played with settings on emu. nothing.

Left the car for the night, in the morning went to start it again and boom it fired up, drove it for a bit longer and it kept stalling out, finally got it into the garage and looked at it, I figured it could of been a bad crank sensor, so I bought a OEM one and installed it, still same thing it stumbles but never fires.

I plug the stock oem ecu in and disconnect the EMU and it fires (runs rich etc.), the EMU has a brand new boomslang patch harness, I continuity tested all the pins and they seem to be fine, on the scope it seems to be picking up signals.

im stumped.... hoping for a hand here. Ill post the log and map.

Thank you.

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Are you using the stock DBW? Your idle is setup as DBW, but DBW is disabled in the DBW - Parameter tab.

In your log the value for everything DBW related is 0%. Maybe it doesn't open to regulate idle speed?

Also, when it dies, does it stumble and slowly dies (like fuel or air starvation) or does it cut straight like you would turn the ignition off?

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