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2004 EDM Sti v8 with g4 extreme wire in ecu, start problem

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I have a 2004 sti with g4 extreme ecu. It was instaled in 2011, with no problems for 5 years. Since a few weeks engine stops when idling and warm, and wot start till cold again. Under normal condition and high rpm no problem, No trigger erorrs when it runs, after it stops no more rpm shown in run values or log . I suspect is not syncing off cam( avcs solenoid? Bad cam sensor?) .the unusual fact is that when car runs on cyclic idle it never happens. Question: does the ecu on cyclic run batch and not sequential (doesnt use same sync when idling)? Can a bad avc solenoid influence sync? Any imput greatlly apreciated :)

Ps. Cannthis be a internal ecu problem? Has anyone seen something simmilar?

Is there any chance you could post a log and your tune?

What happens if you try start it again after it stops? Does it show rpm if you crank it over?

Have you recently changed anything or update the ecu firmware?

If you crank after is stops it does not read rpm anymore but there are no trigger errors reported or any errors whatsoever , everything else runs normally. I suspect it doesent sync. The car hasnt been touched since install in 2011( it was a pain at the time to set trigger voltages and filters), after some 10 min it starts again perfectlly and no trigger errors and rpm is spot on. Even when it shuts down there is absolutely no error displayed, is like switching inghition off, is very peculiar..i suspect a bad camsensor or internal ecu problem. The fact that on cyclic it can idle for hours without problem is very strange. As soon as car comes back i will make a log and post it here.

I'd suggest using the trigger scope function when the engine won't restart to see exactly what inputs are missing. This should help you work out what is wrong. I'll admit though it does sound like an unusual problem. Please let us know what you find.

I agree with Andre, try using the trigger scope function (if its a g4+) other than that I would get a scope to test.

When you crank it over, under your run times value list it should say trig signal 1 Yes and trig signal 2 Yes.

If one says yes and the other doesn't then this will help determine which could be causing the issue.

If neither say yes try dropping arming thresholds on both or a different ecu

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