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2008 STi 3k and below hesitation

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hey HP academy, ive been having issues with my fuel corrections right around 3000 RPM. i have a fairly stock engine with an intake and 1000cc injectors , ive changed my FPR and Dampers to an older style sti to try and fix the stumble. ive also cleared the load compensation tables recommended by a tuner of mine. but right around 3k no matter what load it maxes out at 25% fuel being added. im not sure what tables to look at to correct this issue.

any suggestions or help would go along way

thank you !!!

What management are you running? When you say it makes out at 25% fuel, do you mean injector duty cycle?

Stock ECU? Did you turn off the closed loop delay?

im on stock ECU with accessport, when it reads 25% its in the fuel correction tables, yes the delay is turned off, i was thinking it was just the infamous 3000k subaru fuel stumble because all across the RPM range its +- 5% fuel correction untill around 3000k and a bit below, any given load and MAF reading.

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