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2013 JDM sti rpm jumpy like a horse at low gear

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Hello folks, here I want to get some idea from you guys on how to eliminate the rpm vibration in low gear.. My car is a 2013 JDm sti which has been done in a ID 1050x injector and TGV delete mod. All fuel tables has been modify from a 50% less as a starting point and i did notice that every time when I accelerate with steady throttle position, the car will start to hesitate to go or jumpy seriously like a horse.. Then i trying to rich out a little bit in tip in enrichment table 5% each time, finally i get it back as stock parameters; the car seems run as normal but in 1st gear and 2nd gear still have serious jumpy when accelerate smoothly.

I did tried to optimize the closed loop and engine load comp table, but it doesn't eliminate this symptoms. Car is running with Perrin FPR with stock fuel line & fuel rail, fuel pressure is within stock level 43.5 psi . No vacuum leak find. Any thoughts?

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Hello looking at your log can you pinpoint a time in it you are seeing this issue like 16 sec to 18 sec of an rpm, take a look thu it and let us know

Regards Ross

Hi Ross,

I did re log the jumpy symptoms.. Attached the log where the closed loop and engine load table has been optimize. Any thoughts?

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