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2014 tt mustang question

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I have a 2014 on3 twins on it

With a 2 relay trans brake and a circle D 3800 stall

Will randomly go into limp mode when roughly 30-40% throttle ( like getting on to the highway or passing) doesn't if just trying to maintain speed or wot

And while on the brake longer then 2-3 secs goes in to limp mode

Tuning with HP tuners

Any ideas not really efi related but I hope I can get pushed in the right direction


With a log hopefully we can help you narrow the first scenario down and help you solve it.

In your second scenario if you're referring to being on the accelerator and brakes at the same time, most road going vehicles of the last decade will close throttle after a timer expires if you do that. This is to avoid unintended acceleration which people have sued for.

It's usually tied into the vehicle dynamics system, and you likely won't have access to stop it with the tables you have access to in the PCM.

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