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2015 charger hptuners AFR

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Just short question. Running a whipple at 8# 15 dodge charger 6.4 hemi. Trying to target a AFR of 11.0 but cabt get it to go under 12 no matter what I try to command in the PE tables So leads me to my question if i change the injector data would this help?? My fuel trims are fine and everything runs good with exception to getting it to take more fuel. Also injector duty cycle is only at 58% 65#

Unfortunately I haven't had any experience on the Dodge platform yet so I can only be of limited help. My guess is that there is another table or parameter that's acting as a limit on your commanded AFR and overriding your PE values. I'd start by thoroughly looking at every parameter to see if you can find anything that would do this. I would not recommend fudging the injector characterisation tables as this can have some unintended consequences elsewhere and really is a bandaid for calibrating the ECU properly. Sorry I can't be more help.

Thanks for the reply. Just wanted to say I got it fixed, was in the fuel pressure and the load axis of the map was not setup to see boost. Changed the parameters and scaled them to see boost pressure and all is good.

Ah yes, that would definitely do it! Glad you got to the bottom of it.