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2016 WRX cold start noise problem (after TGV delete)

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Hello guys,

I'm using epifansoftware(SubaruEdit) to tune a 2016 WRX. But I met cold start problem(mainly loud and rough idle) after doing TGV delete. Because ECU use stratified fuel mode to heat catalyst quickly which I don't have so engine make loud sound. Pretty annoying.

I know cobb can disable stratified mode directly, but my software can't. Already tried some ignition retard, warmup enrichment stratified, ignition catalyst warmup, and injection phase table but no luck so far.

Does anyone have advice or solution for this kind of problem? Any help would be appreciated :)

I know that the BRZ uses a lot of ignition retard to heat the catalyst and this results in a very loud engine note during cold start which is made worse with an aftermarket exhaust. You should be able to zero out the retard tables used for cat warmup in the SubaruEdit software. I can't help with the stratified charge strategy sorry.

Thanks, I'll keep my research.

Hi Bruce,

Have you had any luck with the cold start noise and rough idle on your wrx 2016 ? I am having the exact problem and I use SubaruEdit as well.