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27 counts of knock between 80-110 load level at part throttle

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hello guys ,

i have been tuning my car for first time now and i realised that the car had very high knock counts between 80-120 load levels at 33% tps .Car goes Wot fine with very little to no knock counts.How can i fix this ,im a little concerned because i was driving the car like this without previously noticing.

new mods installed are cams thats why im tuning and im looking to install an fp green turbo and 950cc injectors when i sort this out

anyhelp please

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Hello i remember you from your previous post. First Did you fixed your book leak issue? Second consider going of stoich on those areas as load starts to become boost.

Hello man,did a boost leak test and couldnt find anyleak except a tiny one from the oil catch can, as for the issue i retarded the timing 2 degrees around these areas and im at 6 counts of knock right now i decremented fuel map in these area but it seems went so rich something went wrong as i couldnt go wot anymore car had fuel cut when trying to wot

The knock control system on the stock Mitsubishi ECU can be a little hit and miss in my own experience. I always back up my tuning with audio knock detection equipment so I can audibly hear if the engine is knocking. I've had plenty of EVOs where the ECU was detecting knock but there was none occurring, but even more worrying is the few cars where no knock was detected but I could audibly hear knock happening!

If the engine is modified then this can cause the knock detection to become less effective, particularly with forged pistons you'll often get this situation. The fact that you've got these knock counts at part throttle and light load is interesting. First of all I'd be less worried about this because you're unlikely to do any damage in the short term at light load. I'd suggest fitting audio knock gear and confirming what you're seeing in the log, but the other option is to pull timing from the map in this area and see if it affects the knock count - my guess is that it won't.

Hello andre,really appreciate the help,i pulled 2 degrees of timing around these areas and knock count are now around 5-6 counts mostly in first gear and second ,my first gear used to knock too on WOT now it doesnt,it seems i should pull more timing but im concerned that im pulling too much that i might affect my power gains

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