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Gentleman, I'm looking for the offset angle and some of the sensor calibration data for the 2GRFE. I've seen a few Lotus Exige posts in the forums but no one lists any details. Does anyone have a basemap to offer up so I can get this swap started finally?

You determine the CAS offset angle with Ignition advance locked to ie. Zero or 10 deg (fuel pump off).

Then adjust the offset angle until the marks line up during cranking.

Then recheck the offset in idle and apply corrections.

Subsequently speed up the rpm, observe if there is timing drift. If there is drift towards slightly retarded, adjust Ignition delay in the software.

If there is drift towards advanced AND crankshaft sensor is reluctor type, doulbe check wiring on the sensor, + and - might be opposed. Reluctor type sensors produce a negative value when Iron leaves the sensor.

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