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2JZ EGT sensors for protection

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Hey legends

Just wanted to get some more info on setting up the EGT sensors to help protect the engine.

I’ve just installed 6 EGT probes into the manifold and setup the feedback. Haltech TCA-8, 6 open tips with a link g4+ fury ecu and tuned 650WHP 2jz.

Im wanting the ecu to monitor the sensor temps and set up a “threshold” above the normal wide open throttle temps that the engine runs at. I assume I need to log my sensors and do wide ope runs to get an idea of the temps the sensors see.

Then what sort of threshold do we setup to protect the engine?

Individual cylinder protection say 50degree above normal max temperature? 100 degree? 150degree?

would love to know what other people have set up and works

any help would be amazing

Just a follow up on the engine protection guys.

maybe I’m in the wrong section for this post?

I thinking it's probably because people don't know your exact user case. Probably best by experimentation. Half mile will be different to standing km, different to supersprint to 10 flat stick laps are a track day.

hello use your logging to find the operating temp and then add protection 100c above your maximum safe area

Thanks guys

100c is exactly what I was looking for mate. Wasn’t too sure on what other people have set up, so thanks for the reply.

Could be a little hard to keep consistent if like Michael mentioned, the different styles of engine load could change max temps. I don’t think I’ll have such a variance as my racing is only drag and roll racing.

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