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2JZ GTE VVTI - EMU black

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Hello , i would like to first thank you for this course , i have watched alot of webinars and gained alot of knowledge. I have a few questions since i am tuning my vehicle on my own dyno. 2JZ GTE VVTI , Single turbo , 450LPH pump , 1050X ID injectors Stock internals. EMU Black ECU. First i have watched the webinar for your knock sensor settings , I would like to get a little more explaination on what the best strategy is ? Currently i do not have any knock monitors or detocans and will only rely on my bosch wideband sensors that i have installed and my ears ofcourse. I know i need to run a base map and retard the ignition to be safe and make sure i adjust my knock to below 3 v , lower than my engine noise ( ecu master ) however i am getting random knock on high rpms , 1 pull i get no knock and. on random pulls i get knock ? next is - My MAP value only on high boost 220-260 zone fluctuates alot ( 30-40 ) where as before that zone my MAP increases with rpm steady , Do i have a restrictive intake ? I have fine tuned my VE table and boost to 20 psi , i still have not adjusted ignition and would like to make sure i have my settings adjusted properly to make sure i detect real knock when adjusting ignition. Any tips / help will be appreciated.

Hello do you mind adding your map and some logging nd we can go thru it together

Regards Ross

Hi Mustafa, first up with regard to the knock control - I can't recommend setting and validating the knock control settings without the use of audio knock detection so that you can audibly hear when knock is really occurring. In my opinion a quality knock detection system is a non-negotiable for any tuner, and should be considered in the same regard as a wideband AFR meter.

I'm not too sure what is going on with your MAP value but with the information you've provided I'd guess that this will be related to your boost control settings. Check the WGDC and you'll likely find that this is inconsistent leading to oscillation in your boost. I'd recommend starting by running the boost control in open loop mode so there is no feedback from the ECU that could confuse matters. Get your open loop duty cycle table dialled in so that your boost is as close to your target as you can and then enable the closed loop control and tune the parameters to suit.

Thank you for your response , I apologize for responding late since i did not get the chance to make a run and log my data. I have uploaded my log to give you an idea of what is happening with the MAP value at higher rpms.


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