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2jz knock sensor upgrade

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Hey guys, I’ve upgraded my stock 2jzgte single wire knock sensors to the Bosch donut style two pin KS4-P. I’ve attached the second pin to sensor ground. The kit came with two block studs for the conversion.

The engine is already tuned at 650WHP with the original knock sensors at 6000hz frequency narrow band.

My question is,

1: Can I leave it at the 6000hz narrow band setting and all be good? Would the knock system work exactly the same and just focus on the same selected frequency for its knock detection.

I can move it to double the frequency to help with engine noise, 12000hz etc.

2: Do I need to re-adjust my knock threshold? Now that I have new sensors.

any help would be amazing

hello you should be able to leave it at 6k and check logging against a previous log to compare and adjust the threshold to suit

Regards Ross

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