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2jz not starting

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i am tuning a 2jz engine on motec m600, the car starts for 3 seconds and the engine dies and the rpm on the idle keeps on fluctuating, i have checked all the firing order of the coils and injectors everything is fine. Ref/sync capture is attached also the trigger page of the ecu.

note: i have tried to change the edge polarities but its still the same.

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Is the ECU reporting ref/sync errors? If the engine is starting, running for some time, and then stalling then your problems could be in multiple areas. It's normal to get some errors reported during crank but these shouldn't occur once you're actually running. If the rpm is erratic then this could well be an issue related to the trigger inputs. It might pay to also post a pic of your magnetic trigger levels for both ref and sync as this could be part of your problem. Based on the capture you'd want the ref to be a falling edge and the sync to be rising. Is there any reason you've set the sync trigger voltage to 0.3? This is only needed if your trigger signals are offset from the zero voltage plane which yours aren't.


i get almost all errors related to the ref, when the car starts running mag levels are set 0.3 from 0 rpm up to 3000 and from 4000 up to 8000 is set 2, those values but still nothing changed. As you can see i think the issue is the noise in the ref sensor. I replaced the wire and fixed a shielded wire but it seems there is still noise!

sidenote: make sure your running resistor plugs... had tons of issues with non-resistor plugs.

Gonna try fixing resistive plugs, which cam sensor should be fixed? The rear or front one?

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