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2jzge link atom trigger issues

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hey guys have a 2jzge with a dizzy running link atom have been trying to get it running as semi sequential and using wasted spark, trig 1 is 24 tooth reluctor and trig 2 seems like camx1 pulse, get a decent amount of rpm 200ish cranking and get sginals with timing light on #1, tried timing calabration offset doesnt change timing, it will start if i enable fuel but will rev quite high, any susgestions on where to start to look?

The Atom does not have a built in trigger scope. But do you have a scope that you can log the triggers with? If so do that and upload a picture of the trigger sequence here.

worked out gotta press entre when doing trigger offset and firgured where my massive are leak is? i dont have acess to a scope is there any cheapish ones available?

Hi David,

From your similar post on the Link forum that I answered the other day I didnt get the impression that you had a trigger issue at all.

What makes you think you actually have a trigger problem?