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2jzgte coil yaris (90919-02240)

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hi everyone my engine 2jzgte ECU AEM SERIES 2 swap coil TOYOTA YARIS

I know wire pinout..... 1-ground 2-signal 3-not use 4-ignition

and delete ignitor direct wire to coil but not working !!

I see setup wizard coil dwell meby need setting?

this coil different lq9 or ls2 or 2jz is signal +0-12volteg, not 0-5v

can you some body help


These coils should trigger fine from a 0-5v trigger signal, they trigger on the falling edge. Can you post up your tune, or a screenshot of your ignition settings and dwell settings?

Do the AEM Series 2 ECU's have some kind of ignition testing mode? You'll need to pull a coil out of the motor, put a sparkplug into it, ground the thread of the plug to the head of the motor and confirm you don't get any spark.

Also, double check you have the coil pins numbers the right way, its surprisingly easy to get them backwards. Looking into the coil plug molding its 'GND - TRIG - FEEDBACK - POWER'

yah I'm sure about not fire-up and test coil direct battery its work!

I know wire coil diagram three wire

1-GND -


3-not use

4-power +12v


THANKS Zac Perston

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Did the engine already run with this ECU and this calibration before you changed the coils, or is this a brand new setup that has not run yet?

Look for the channel 'Stat Sync', what does it show when you are trying to crank the engine? The ECU will only try to fire the coils when the ECU detects the correct cam/crank pattern.

yes before changing the coil. run engine 2 years

but new setup cam and big turbo

As Scott mentioned, can you confirm that you get a valid engine speed (RPM) signal when you crank the engine?

Do you have access to an oscilloscope? Can you scope the trigger input to the coils and see if a trigger signal is being sent to them at all?

Yah with start engine rpm 173 and

i see outbut from the ecu tragger -12.7 volteg

thats problem i test coil direct battery :)


2-traigger +12v


4-direct battery +12v

its work coil

maybe Ecu two wire to one coil ? For strong

1-5 2-6 3-4.

Or how change outbut Ecu to +12v not ground

The ECU can't be modified to send a 0V/12V coil trigger signal, but the Toyota coils listed in the software were tested at our building and confirmed to work with a 0V/5V signal like the one from the 30-6100 Toyota Supra plug-and-play EMS.

If you can't get access to an oscilloscope, my suggestion is put the OEM coils and ignitor back on, to double-check you haven't accidentally damaged the ECU's coil outputs during your wiring changes. Another thing to double-check, make sure the new coils are getting 12V power when the starter is engaged, there are some 12V circuits that will turn off when the starter runs.

I will check original coil with ignitor no fire;;;;;;;;

after check ECU output 11.2 to 12.3v (tester voltage)

can see attached screenshot on start engine rpm 160 -- 172, crank tooth its work but cam tooth not work

see attached photo

Attached Files

The second screenshot (6-v3.docx) shows Stat Sync'd is OFF when cranking, this means it is not detecting the proper pattern from the crank & cam signal inputs. The ECU will not try to fire the coils until Stat Sync'd turns ON.

The diagnostic channels show the ECU counted 105 edges on the crank input, but 0 edges on the cam input. I would double-check the wiring between the ECU and the cam sensor first.

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