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3.5bar AEM MAP Sensor

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I have a question on multiplier and offset for a 3.5bar MAP sensor from AEM. I have this table that AEM provides to scale the 3.5bar MAP sensor but I don't think I'm doing this right...

Is the Multiplier 12.5 and the Offset -20.95?

Is that what I update on my Manifold Pressure Sensor Scaling table in ECU flash?

Shouldn't the Offset be somewhere around 6.25 or something?

Pictures of the OEM values and the AEM table bellow. I could really use some clarification and help, pretty please!

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Hello J P!

"Is the Multiplier 12.5 and the Offset -20.95?"

Those number makes sense if I do the math with the voltage in the table located here : https://documents.aemelectronics.com/techlibrary_30-2130-xxx_stainless_steel_pressure_sensor.pdf

Best way to know is to flash it and check the MAP value at atmospheric pressure, or you can compare to another gauge to make sure both match.

The AEM datasheet is wrong, they are quoting a MAP sensor calibration in gauge pressure. It should show 0psi at 0.5V and 50psi at 4.5V. The multiplier is 12.5psia/V and the offset would be -6.25psia.

This is what I calculated earlier but was confusing myself with the information AEM gave me in their .pdfs.

I appreciate your help and response; as this is highly validating for me, lol!!

My maths wasn't off after all!

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