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3 Bar Map sensor

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I have a 3 Bar Map sensor connected the Haltech Platinum Pro (R33 Plugin Series), I purchased from Haltech.

It appears that the Maximum KPA i can set in a table on the Haltech is 200kpa. Is this a limitation of this version of Haltech? or will the 3 Bar Map sensor only read from -100KPA to +200KPA? hence 3 bars of range? and if so is there any work-arounds for this?

What's bizarre is I must be operating outside of the table when in high-boost mode, so the ECU is making corrections above the MAP Limit in the table probably referencing the last accessed load cell at the top of the map? or the upward trend?

The 3 bar will only read from -100kpa - +200kpa, in the Haltech software I've just tried adjusting the maximum value on the pressure axis and it saying that I can have a maximum of +400kpa (sensor supporting of course).

If you post up a copy of your map I'll try editing the axis for you

did you do that by repopulating the map using a different reference say RPM, then switching the axis type and it essentially bugs out and lets you have the additional cells? i did something earlier like that and it accidentally accomplished this but wasn't sure how to replicate the bug. and this then brings us to another question. if we do this what could be the possible ramifications?

I have noticed the ECU software bugs out and crashes in windows for me sometimes, only when the car is fully loaded when im datalogging. I wonder if this is related.

oh yea ill grab that map and post it shortly, ps. I dont think my firmware is updated. i think its version 104

hi chris, here is the file ps. i was wrong my version is actually 113. so all good there.

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Hi Dale,

Take a look at the picture I've attached, if you edit the value that I've indicated to a higher number it'll raise the maximum value of the MAP scale

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dear lord, it was that simple! ha. well i was actually confused about MAP2, and Manifold Pressure, if you look under main you can see Manifold Pressure is referenced to Manifold Pressure Sensor 2, now If i datalog both of these inputs, the strange thing is they are reading very differently. This made me think they were seperate.

The Haltech 3 Bar Map Sensor is actually a GM/Dephi Unit apparently.

In the ECU the calibration setup is like this (which i think is wrong)

Volts: 0.00 - 4.9

PSI: -101kpa - to 191kpa

Looking at the documentation from haltech it shows;

Part Number #HT010104

Volts 0.0 - 4.9

PSI/Inhg: -29.2 - 28.8 (Translated to KPA -201.32 - 198.56)

which is somehow 4 bars of resolution from this 3bar map sensor.

The GM site shows the listing as

Volts: 0.0 - 4.9

KPA : 20 - 300

whos right? whos wrong? and how does one approach this? xD.

ok so lets take a look at this datalog. here is an example, i have both the Manifold Pressure , (which is supposed to be the external Map sensor as per main setup), and Map2 which is the external sensor. These are both enabled in the datalogging to see if they were reading differently, and as you can see they vary wildly.

SS1 - as you can see the difference between the readings of each sensor relevant of TPS and RPM.

SS2 - In this screenshot you can see it is selected on Manifold Pressure Sensor 2, this is how it was tuned. However you will notice External Map sensor option is not in the list.

SS3 - As you can see here, the AVI1 Input has been allocated in the ECU to Manifold Pressure Sensor 2. You can also see the onboard is still enabled?..OBPS - Baro pressure. shouldnt this be set to None?

SS4 - As you can see here, the Haltech Calibration file for this 3bar sensor is being used.

any input appreciated! thanks.

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so, spoke with haltech, turns out they printed the wrong Documentation way back, and have since corrected. everything checks out fine, in relation to this setup we will use the haltech calibration.