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hi i have a 91 3000gt twin turbo with a handful of mods running an AEM V1 EMS can anyone give me help with my tune and cal make sure things are setup properly and im not chasing my tale

Post some datalogs first, and screenshots of many tables you want checked.

Was hoping to find someone I could send my cal to and have looked over or even teamview it thru my laptop. Getting on here is limited sometimes and figuring how to upload things sometimes get messed up. I will try and figure it out hope someone can help me get it smoothed out and running right

heres some screen shots of things not sure if set right and a copy of my map and log

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have a bad lean flat spot with light throttle movement hold throotle and will slowly from lean to normal

any help?

Without logs of the situation you want to fix, people on the internet are going to have a hard time predicting what's working well and what's working badly in your calibration. There are enough options and settings that a tuner might be able to set one table wrong and then compensate in other places to result in a car that drives OK anyway.

It's been a long time since I used that version of AEM EMS, but here's what I remember. Tuning acceleration fuel is not very straightforward in that ECU, there are a lot of tables that all interact so you can certainly waste time if you're adjusting the wrong ones. Personally I'm not a fan of using the dLoad accel tables, I usually set them to zero and work only with the throttle-related accel tables. Before doing any acceleration fuel tuning, you need to make sure the main fuel map is tuned well enough that the engine runs at your desired AFR when you press the throttle slowly, or hold it in a cell in the fuel map. This is pretty easy to do on a dyno that can hold a constant RPM. After you're sure the main fuel map is tuned well, I would set all the tables from your screenshot IMG_7845.jpg flat at 50%, zero out the lower-left table (dTPS Accel), and then go up in small steps adjusting only that table until the throttle response feels better. The breakpoints for the table are the throttle rate of change, so the left-side of the table will be used when you press the throttle slowly and the right-side will be used when you smash the throttle quickly. Try to be consistent in all your testing, and later if you need to make additional changes depending on RPM or coolant temp you can adjust the other tables for that.

That was the first generation of AEM standalone, I had one in my car for thousands of miles and it worked pretty well. After a couple years I switched to the Series2 AEM EMS and thought 'wow this drives better'. I don't remember the details but the processor from that first generation EMS was a mid-90's or late-90's design and simply doesn't update all its calcs as often as a newer processor can. A few years after that I switched the same car from an AEM Series2 EMS to the current-generation AEM Infinity ECU and again the car felt like it drove a little better with each new generation. I suspect you would have a similar experience if using multiple generations from other manufacturers also.

There's a decent video on youtube where a customer described how they tune our Series2 generation of EMS; it's worth watching because the tables and options are pretty similar to what you have.

Hope that helps,