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3000gt injector dead time help needed

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hello everyone

im a novice regarding tuning. i need some assistance regarding startup for my 6g72. iv been sitting with it for 4 days and it just refuses to start. i dont understand how the car starts so easy in the worked examples.

anyone that can assist me with this? iv gone through the worked examples but it still doesnt work best i can do is to get ti to idle for like 2 seconds then dies.

any help would be appreciated. thanks.

ECU: Spitronics Orion 2 Split sequential on a 36-1 (1+4, 2+5, 3+6) firing order is 1 2 3 4 5 6. current dead time 4.4 on idle.. i took it all the way down to 2ms and no start. i get weak ignition at 8.9ms it runs for 2 seconds then dies.

ignition timing is 100% on TDC. lambda at 41% - 43% ( 100% is lean and 0% is rich).

engine: 3.0L 6g72 DOHC N/A - no modifications.

injector size: 360cc x 6

current dead time on idle: 4.1 ms

current ignition timing: 15 deg.

engine compression is good (150psi)

timing is correct

fuel pressure is good

here is the idle map... so far this has been the closest i could get.. it idle 3 or 4 seconds then dies. i know its wrong but this is the best i could do on my own thusfar.

i have managed to get other cars working no problem but im not sure why im struggling so heavy with my own car

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ooookay sooo after lots of trail and error, RFM, Research rewatches and everything...

Finally, its starting easily now first time since 2019.

Just in case anyone has the same issue i have attached the image of the map.

but be warned its very rough but its a start and you can rev it a bit.. hopefully one day this will help someone.

ill update a base "startup" image once i have a better tune.

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managed to get a very smooth and easy start but now my magnetic pickup is messing around. but the tune is starting. sort of. ill upload images when im satisfied with it. just incase someone one day has the same issue i have now