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300ZX VG30DETT CAS delete....what trigger setup?

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So I am sick of dealing with the CAS related issues on my VG30DETT and am going to delete the CAS and go to a dedicated Crank / CAM setup with hall effect sensors.

I will be using this kit:


with a Haltech elite 2500.

My question is do I go with the 36-2 or the 12 tooth wheel for the crank? I have heard pros / cons of both and my buddy at Haltech seems to think that the 36-2 will provide better res but also offers more chances for the ECU to read things incorrectly. This will be a street car pushed to 7500 ish RPM and is currently around 650hp. I may go 850+ in a year or so.



You don't want any trigger errors, you shouldn't be loading an engine if that stuff isn't right to start with. provided they both present the appropriate trigger width/dwell in front of the hall sensor you want the higher resolution one.

Either should be just fine. No modern ECU should realistically have any trouble at all with a 36-2 trigger wheel, particularly at 7500 rpm. The 12 tooth will also give very good resolution to the ECU and your timing will be rock solid except perhaps at a very low idle where you could expect it to wander a degree or so. I used a 12 tooth crank trigger on my old drag car with no trouble. The only caution with the 12 tooth option is that it's more sensitive to the location of the sync input than the 36-2.


When you say "The only caution with the 12 tooth option is that it's more sensitive to the location of the sync input than the 36-2."

Do you mean the physical location of where the sensor is mounted or its location in the rotational cycle?

If / since they will both work I am leaning more toward the 36-2 setup.

Thanks for the quick response and help as always!

Hay Saxxon. What Andre meens is that with the 12 teeth setup it doesnt lack a tooth. Ie the teeth are evenly spaced around. With this setup the CAM signal will tell the ECU when to start "counting" Therefore its important to take note of where the CAM tooth is relative to the CRANK teeth. As you know the cam wobbles around a bit so if the cam tooth is close to a crank tooth it may wobble from one side of it to the other side and bad shit might happen.

On the 36-2 setup the CAM signal is only used to tell the ECU if the engine is on its compression or exhaust stroke. Here the missing teeth is the "signal" to start "counting". So where the cam tooth happens in this setup is not as important AND safer.

Go with the higher toothcount. No drawbacks with it, only upsides.

They made the 12t version only to make the pro plugin ecu to be able to use it. Mimic the 24+1 CAS disk

Exactly what Steve has said. You need to put in some effort to make sure that the cam sync occurs as close to central between two reference teeth on the crank. This gives the most amount of room for the tooth position to move around without danger of it swapping edged and causing a trigger error. It's not difficult and can easily be achieved but it just requires some consideration during the setup process

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