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36-2 Trigger pattern!! Help

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on a Toyota 36-2 trigger wheel which would be the first trigger tooth ?

Typically, the 'first' trigger event is the falling edge of the tooth that ends the gap.

Can you give us a few more details on your setup, ECU type in particular and the problem you're having?

SW20 mr2, 4th gen 3sgte factory cop motor running ecumasters I can’t seem

to get the correct trigger setting so the motor wouldn’t start it’s swinging over kicking a bit but not running i had counted the trigger wheel today and it was 32 But the base map I was given had 36-2 even with that it’s still not starting I have voltage at my coils and injectors I test the outputs they working on both sides timing on the engine is correct also. The pic I uploaded was from the base map provided

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Can you post up a good, detailed photos of the trigger wheel and sensor setup? If you counted the teeth, and there were 32, then your current 36-2 setting is not going to be correct, as you would have counted 34 teeth. But a trigger wheel with 32 teeth would most likely have 4 missing teeth, as the number of places the tooth could occupy usually has to be divisible into 360. I've also never seen a 36-4 trigger wheel.

Is this what your trigger wheel looks like?

If so, Then it is a 36-2 wheel. The space between the first and last tooth (being 2 teeth wide) is filled in to help the VR signal at high RPM.

When you crank the engine, do you get a valid RPM reading in the ECU?

Are you getting any back-fires out of the intake? By the sounds of it, I think you have your base timing set incorrectly.

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Yes it’s like that I try my best to up load the info .... um yes it’s the base timing that sensor out because one time it had back fire through the intake but now it’s doing it on the exhaust side

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