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Hello everyone, I hope you are all safe and good, and working on your project cars while all world is on lock down.

I am trying to save Toyota MR2 sw20 from scrap yard. So I can not get a lot of parts for it just to replace. The engine (3sgte rev3) has Hks induction and previous owner cut the catalytic converter out, but left original casing on. From catalytic converter exhaust ID is 60mm and it splits in to two ways ID 55mm to back boxes. The budget is a problem here, so don't want to buy expensive aftermarket exhaust for it. I am using exhaust back boxes of Auri rs7. By looks of it they are straight trough type of back boxes. My question is: how that would effect AFR. Can't do remap because standard ECU can't be mapped. What should I do with ECU?

Thank you in advance,



Hi Ricky,

the stock ECU's are terrible on the gen 2 3sgte, the gen 3 is a bit better as it uses a MAP sensor for load.

changing the intake and exhausts will make very little difference to the tune, the ecu can cope with these on a stock motor.

as for the ecu save for a standalone soon, something like a elite 750 maybe a 550 would do the job. even older ecus like the platinum series are capable just dont have bells and whistles. link are great value as well.

exhaust and intake, add a boost controller run about 17 psi and you should get around 220 whp. probably higher as those figures are for a gt four and also british use brake hp or something that reads 10-20% higher than aussie HP.

remember they have weak ringlands so dont over heat and run the highest petrol grade you can.

Thank you for great and detailed replay. If i get satandalone then I would not need boost controller because ecu would do all job, right ?

yes if you purchase a boost solenoid when buying a new ecu

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