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4.8 vortec first start

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genIV 4.8 SS2 cam Snake Eater 1000cc injectors SE 102 throttle body 78/ 75 Vs racing turbo..typical sloppy mechanics build..E38 ecu vatts off speed density..first start...not sure it my map is right .. starts and runs for a few seconds then shuts off ...just trying to get it to Idol so I can start tuning or have it tuned being my first turbo car..any help would be awsome


Since it runs for a few seconds, then shuts off, you've likely got most things correct enough which is a great start.

The engine may be shutting off for a number of reasons, but idle related settings and fuel related settings are most likely going to relate to this.

You may want to try a little higher target idle speed since you have a decent size cam.

You may need a bit more fuel since it runs perhaps until extra post start enrichment reduces.

Since you're just getting started, and have a very modified setup, it will take some tinkering, but that's half the fun.

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