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Hi All

i have a hayabusa powered land speed bike

i use a Motec M84 , and a Plex 120 pro dash ( the data logging version )

i would like to setup for seeing individual lambda s ( 4)

the Motec LTC units are very expensive, can i use other brands , and how do / would i set up

ie. do i go direct to the dash ( logging ) or via the M84 ( they have very limited and fixed additional inputs )

be gentle with your reply , i am a bit slow at some concepts

cheers harky

ps just back from the Isle of Man TT , NOW THAT IS A WILD EVENT

I would think it would be possible to get 4 channels of Lambda data over the CAN bus to your Plex 120 for logging. I would suggest you consider the AEM 4-channel wideband unit (specifically the 30-2340-N, as that version works at 1M/Bit and would be compatible with the CAN bus used in the M84).

The manual for the AEM (found here) has the necessary CAN information. What I am not sure of is if the Plex 120 is flexible enough to allow you to receive this in addition to the M84 data -- I would expect so, but you need to check with your Plex software. The AEM also has analog outputs, but I would only use those if you couldn't make the CAN (digital) data work.

Good Luck!

thanks , exactly the advise i was hoping for

a further question , what is your preferred O2 sensor to use with that 4.2. or 4.9 ?



I use both. My Dynapack dyno (which has a MoTeC PLM) uses 4.2, but most of my projects are using LTC w/4.9. The AEM uses 4.2s, and I've installed a couple of the AEM single-channel wideband sensors and they have worked fine.