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4AGE Haltech 750 Idle Dipping.

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I had my 4agze running today, I started to muck around with the idle and afr. I noticed when i try to add any throttle what so ever the engine will idle up then die then idle up and then die over and over and sound really rough all while i noticed that the Wideband was leaning out then back to normal everytime the engine cut out. If no one has any idea, I have included a Datalog of holding the engine at 2000rpm and have dips occur you can see the wideband dipping lean every now and then, at the end of the datalog the car died and stalled while hesitating to stay alive. I was wondering if it has anything to do with "Transient Throttle"? if anyone can shed some light on this for me would be great i just want it to be running stable enough to drive to get the exhaust done (at the moment only has dump pipe off turbo).

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It's hard to be too specific based on your log file. It might be best if you post your calibration or a screen shot of your fuel and ignition tables. From what I see in the log file the engine runs quite happily at about 2000 rpm with about 2-3% throttle, albeit a touch rich. When you shut the throttle the rpm drops to about 1250 which is to be expected. You then give the throttle a bit of a stab up to 14% and the rpm drops to around 550 rpm but the AFR is very lean which would explain it. Given that the AFR remains lean this points to the main fuel map rather than your transient settings. I also note that at this rpm and load the timing is very retarded at only 4-7 deg.

Thanks for you input Andre, I will play around a bit more with the base maps and go from there. I have also noticed in the time being that my VE value at idle is around 15-20 and if i go any higher results in a rich AFR. I have done some light reading on this forum and am think my injector deadtimes could be wrong, would this be possible?

Thanks in advance. Sam.