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4D Mapping on Motec M1

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Hi spent some hours discovering the Motec M1 Software and different packages.

Have I missed something or is there no way to 4D map a multi throttle turbo engine like RB26 with TPS vs RPM and MGP vs RPM overlay?

And can onboard logs only be opened in i2? Means you have to switch between Softwares to find the cell you want to tune?

Hi Adrian,

To map the M1 with TPS vs. RPM, you select the Engine Load Normalised Mode to be Throttle Position, this makes the load source for the M1 to be TPS.

With the on-board logs, yes, you need to open the logged data in a separate program, this is the same as with a number of other ECU manufacturers products. If you are connected to the M1, you have access to the time graphs, these can be paused by pressing the T key. When this is done, you can scroll back and forth through the data, add or remove channels (all channels are constantly being recorded) so if you want to add a channel into the time graph, you just drag it from the channel list into the graph, and all of it's data is visible. You can also scroll back to a point in the data and use it to make changes to the tune, as the Quick Lambda functions work with the paused data, so if you have done a ramp run, you can press T to pause the data, and then scroll back to the point that you want, press Q and it will change the efficiency map to suit. This data also stays available if you disconnect from the M1 and do not close M1 Tune, so you can make changes based on the live data from the session, without having to be connected to the M1. When you then connect back to the M1, you just send the changes that you made to the M1.

I used to be an Aim Dealer, before I saw the light and went to a better product. Yes, the Aim's feature set has some items that look better on paper, but are they useful? I have a C125 in my car, and even with over 450 channels being logged at a rate that is useful (greater than 20Hz), I can have more than 24 hr's of continuous logging with the 120mb of on-board memory, that I can then manipulate in the way that I want in i2. Aim's Analysis program (that is a separate program to the configuration program) lacks in comparison.

I have tried to use the Aim MXG in a customers car, and for half the lap, I wasn't able to read the screen, as even though the dash was mounted recessed into the binnacle, the light shining onto it created too much glare to be able to read the screen or see the shift lights. This has long been an issue that I have found with the Aim products, with the Formula wheel and MXL that I have previously used in my cars suffering the same, Race Technology products are also displays that suffer from glare issues that I have used. I also found that unless the dash was mounted vertically in the car, then the data that came out of the gyro was very inconsistent, and was greatly effected by lateral and longitudinal loads in the vehicle, especially if they exceeded 1.5G.

With the pricing (in Australia), comparing a MXS with the loom and button kits, it works out to be around $160 more for the Aim compared to a MoTeC C125 race logging kit ($3550 for the Aim, $3388 for the MoTeC), the MXG compared to a C127 Race logging kit is $88 cheaper.

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