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4G63 cranktrigger / multitooth yes or no?

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In race application, is there an advantage of running a 36-1 as opposed to factory 2 tooth trigger wheel?

I would prefer a 36-2 for a cleaner gap, but as long as the ECU can use it, the greater crank position resolution seen with the 36 tooth trigger wheel will be much better, especially in transient conditions.

Thx Stephen

From my understanding the factory ECU uses each edge of the two teeth, effectively giving it 4 inputs per crank revolutions but that is still quite low frequency. In particular you'll likely see the ignition timing walk around a little at a low idle speed with that setup, but it's less of an issue at higher rpm. I ran a 12 tooth crank trigger on my old drag car and found that worked perfectly. If you're starting from scratch then a 36-2 would be a great option.

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