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4g69 ecu choice

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Hi guys, so I’m about to purchase a new ecu for the first and believe or not the car it’s going in is a Great Wall v240. Yep, will be worth more than the car.. Anyways I’m new to all this and will grab any advice I can. Ok, I’m looking at a Haltech elite 550 to cut costs and from what I have learnt so far is adequate for the requirements. I have yet to find any info on the crank pickup and it’s a rear mounted hall magnet at the rear, so I’m still trying to found out toothing as there is no camshaft position sensor I’m hoping it has multiple pickups and not just 180. The only thing else I know of so far is stock has a 4 wire stepper iac, so I’m thinking of just using a falcon 2 wire remote mount isc. I get lost when it’s comes to semi sequential and stuff like that. Only one other person or shop in Australia has tuned this car and I did speak to them and they suggested a elite 1500 minimum, but didn’t go into much detail why and I was still a little ecu green back then. Would anyone like to offer any input on whether my goal is achievable with a elite 550. Thanks guys, sorry bout the boring newbie questions.

Hello for a job like this i would be thinking carefully about the features you may need, do you have access to a scope to check the trigger pattern? does the ECU you are looking at have a built-in one?

Is the ECU capable of running the trigger pattern without modifications?

can the ecu run the type of injector this engine has ?

ThAnks Ross, I spoke with Haltech today in regards to these things but still feel lost. Maybe I’m over my head to soon. I know the full elite range is pretty extensive in setting up universal trigger types as well as many common manufacturers. And no scope to check patterns/frequencies. Think I might have to hit the books a lil more. But do appreciate the input mate.

Just to clarify, do you need to control an auto' transmission as well, or is it a simple manual?


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