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7MGTE EMU Black 1000cc Injectors COP First Start / No Start

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I am currently attempting my first start on my emu black. I built a new harness by hand for the car. So far I have tested everything and as far as I can tell everything is working. The problem I am having though is that I can not get the car to start, not even so much as a cough. Saw in the ecu master startup check list that if you can't get the car to start to add 10% to injector trim. This is one thing I have not tried yet due to not wanting to flood the engine. Should I give this a try? Does anything stand out to anyone based off my logs?

Build is

7MGTE, 1,000cc FIC Injectors, 57Trim CT26 Turbo, Prius COP, Fornari Racing Cam and Crank Sensor @5v

Things I have tested

Sync Timing with light and ECU to 10 BTDC

All Coils have spark (Real Strong Spark in my testing)

All Injectors are injecting fuel

Cam and Crank Sync in log. (Cam sync goes Yes,NoYes,No in log?? Could this be a problem?)

RPM Shows in software

Lowered Fuel Pressure closer to stock

Verified Firing Order 1,5,3,6,2,4

Car ran when parked but that was on stock sensors and harness.

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Can you post a scope log? I see a trigger error reported on the emulog. Maybe the CAM tooth and a crank tooth or the gap on the 36-1 are overlapping?

It is reporting rpm and executed sparks, so the ECU is trying. I often put it in wastespark mode just to see if I'm 180 out or if the cam sensor is a problem. In wastespark you can disable the cam sensor input and try to eliminate that as a variable.

With a new build / ECU setup, you can try using some starting fluid spray in the intake -- if that doesn't produce some combustion, you should try the suggestion above of using wasted spark, or changing the Secondary Trigger details to get it firing in the correct phase.

Please see attached for requested scope. I tried to upload it the first time but would not take the files. I had to change .emubscp to .emub file extension for it to upload. That is correct this is a 36-1 Crank trigger. I saw those errors you mentioned and seems to happen when I stop cranking the car. As long as I keep it cranking I don't get those 2 errors at the end of the crank sync. If I change it from sequential to wasted spark to test will it cause any issues with the smart coils? I will get some starter fluid tomorrow and give that a try first. Will report back. Thanks!

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Changing to waste spark won't cause any issues no.

I guess HP hasn't added permissions to the forum to have .emubscp files, I can't open the .emub files with the scope log viewer. A screenshot of one of them will work for now. You could link to a dropbox or google drive file as an alternative.

As David suggested use starting fluid of some kind to rule out a fuel delivery issue. Fuel pump is running, you have fuel pressure, etc are all worthy checks if the starting fluid helps. I have diagnosed a few where the feed and return line were accidently swapped. Another thing I noticed in the log is the CLT enrichment table is flattened out, this shouldn't prevent the engine from sputtering or coughing but will likely make it harder to start.

Thanks for the suggestion to use starting fluid. It would start on that. So I then determined that I needed more cranking fuel. Stock Base map from ecu master had it at 3.0 cranking fuel. In testing, I got to 7.0 and it starts on its own now. In this process I noticed that TPS when cranking would go to 100% on its own. Determined this was causing it to not start correctly. Nailed it down to having the TPS max and min percentages reversed. Should have been set to over max voltage 0% and under min voltage 100%. Once running everything sounded good and running smooth but noticed it was pretty lean once lambda was online. So on to tuning Idle. Thanks for the help!

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My favorite brand of starting fluid (ok, I just like the name), is from Australia -- "Start ya Bastard!"


It's really great if you aren't sure if the the engine just needs a lot more fuel, but you don't want to foul the plugs if it's really an ignition problem.

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