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9ohm or 3ohm INjectors for drag racing bike?

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I have an Emtron ECU so I can run high and low impedance injectors

My question is....In a drag racing application will I get any benefits for running more expensive low impedance injectors or just stay with bosch 2400cc?

Turbo hayabusa running on methanol EMtron KV8 ecu, M&W pro drag 4 ignition

Hello this is an ongoing question for years and I can only add my experience as my recommendation, I would be using the high impedance bosch 2400 injectors, the main reason being I have had no issues with them and if I did, I know there are replacements that can be brought the same day,

The control they have is amazing for a lot less cost, with no compromise in tunability.

I also find the datasheets available are much more accurate.

Regards Ross

Thanks Ross, I just noticed theres a 5 ohm one but it says its only for CNG fuel 028015881 otherwise I should use the 9 ohm injector BS2000S I have read some guys say CNG injector that they use. Is it possible that is ok for methanol?

There is only one Bosch "2200" injector, its part number is 0 280 158 843. They are CNG injectors, their resistance should be around 9ohms, not 5. "BS2000S" is not a bosch number, that sounds more like an Aliexpress special.

The main problem with the CNG injectors is the seat material in them swells up when used with liquid fuels so the flow calibration tends to drift out quite quickly from new. Once they have been used for a while they seem to settle down but you often end up with quite some variation across the set. You also need to look after them more than most, since if left sitting around these injectors seize up very quickly. Just purging with petrol is not enough - if the engine is started infrequently offseason for example then you need to remove them and push WD40 or similar through them before storage.

The Seimens are more expensive and harder to get but they are all stainless so give none of these problems. ID1700X & ID2600 are good options too.

Thanks Adam, Another option is atomizer injectors. Probably cheaper than Injector dynamics now. Id really like to find some Dekas but I just cant find any.

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