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A complete list of all Engine Management the world!

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Hey team,

Here is a fun project that I need some help with, I know there are literally thousands of different tuning solutions out there and I want to create a mega list that includes them all. To do so I will need your help, post below and I'll add it to the master list, be sure to include the website and if they make standalone or a reflashing solution.

Standalone Engine Management Systems

- Link |

- ViPEC |

- MoTeC |

- Haltech |

- AEM Electronics |

Reflashing Solutions

- HP Tuners |

- EFI Live |

- Cobb Tuning |


Nistune is in between standalone and reflashing

Standalone Engine Management Systems

-Bosch |

-EMS |

-KMS |

-McLaren |

-Megasquirt |

-Microtech |

-OBR |

-Wolf |

Thanks Ludo and Kickerzx. Yeah Nistune is kind of in-between isn't it. Do you reckon there is a name for that category?

I would have placed Nistune as a reflashing system as it's just a chip that allows modification of factory tables. It isn't something that has been designed to work on any ecu other than nissan.

Hi everyone

I just want mention hondata is that reflash or stanalone

Stand-alone Engine Management

MBE Systems -- Factory Website:

MBE Distributor/Support : SB Development:

EFI Euro: - Factory website:

EFI Euro Distributor/Support: Ole Buhl Racing -

EFI Technology (EFI USA) :

I'd put Nistune into a modified OEM category. I'd also put Kalmaker into that category

Kalmaker for Australian (and some American) Delco ECU/PCMs aftermarket ECU modification/software for Delco.

Stand alone ECU's:

- OMEX (branded GEMS I believe)

- Kawasaki kit ECU (based on Mitsubishi ECU)

- Yoshimura EM Pro (for Suzuki bikes)

- YEC Yamaha Kit ECU

- HRC Race ECU (for Honda bikes)

- Alpha Racing (for BMW bikes)

Piggy back ECU's:

- Power commander

- Rapid bike

- Bazzaz


- Woolich Racing



stand alone



Hondata is reflash not a standalone Skunkek9y10 since ur using the factory ECU to make hondata work.

TwEECer for Ford EEC-IV and EEC-V ECUs It's an add on module and applications to tune late 80s to mid 2000s Ford EEC ECUs. Similar catergory as Nistune, Kalmaker, Hondata etc.

Standalone from usa.

Standalone: (+ piggyback)

Subaru daughter board (modified OEM): ESL or Enduring solutions

Modified OEM for Impreza's and Evo's: Open source, Romraider, ECUFlash, ECUEdit

Modified OEM for late model Nissans: Uprev

German manufacturer Standalone / Piggyback


French manufacturer Standalone,

Sybele, Skynam ECU, also for Diesel

Sodemo, not sure if the still produce own ECU's

Re-Flash Software

- SCT, US-cars

- Dimsport, Reflash Software and Tools

- Alientech, Reflash Tool and Software

- Flashtec CMD, Tools for Chiptuning

here are alot ECU's listed that I don't know.

Do you like also to make a list for Dataloggers and maybe other motorsport electronic?

Obd1 Nissans same concept as Hondata s300 for Hondas


Hey guys, what would you consider to be the best reflashin/tuning software and hardware for:

European (VAG, BMW MB)...



Japanese (Subaru, Toyota, Nissan)

Any info will be greatly appreciated. for evo and subaru...i believe it runs the GEMS software.



ECU Master (which is basically just a glorified Megasquirt 3)

Holley Dominator


Piggycrap, er, I mean back:

Dobeck Performance


Greddy Emanage


Bren Tuning


ECU Unleashed

have you missed any of these?

SCT is available for only professional tuners (well here in aus anyway)