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A little help with diagnosis K20 turbo Kpro

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Hello all!

New member here. So taking a wack at my first tune on a spare k20a3 turbo I have. At the moment, it seems to be breaking up as I go through the rpms. I want to at least get it to go through the rpms without breaking up before renting a dyno.

Set up:

Stock K20a3

Custom log turbo kit

BB 6262

FIC900cc 91 fuel

Targeting 10psi

Tuning on kpro v4

When I start easing into the throttle it completely cuts out completely. If I ease into it slower, it moves through the RPMs decently, then starts breaking up a tad around 4k rpm. Any suggestions where I should start looking?

Are the signals from your sensors consistent? I've seen a bad TPS sensor cause a problem we thought was ignition related, but was actually drop outs in the TPS, so the ECU would cut the fuel.

Are you sure your timing is safe?

Is it only happening under load, or can you replicate it under free-reving in the garage?

Have you logged data with your kpro? What does it show when the break-up happens -- what does it show just before that (is it trending lean or rich?) What does the battery voltage look like?

Good call. It was indeed the TPS. Thank you sir!

Ha! What a coincidence.. BTW, I didn't find the bad sensor until we went to the dyno and could easily repeat it.