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Abnormal behavior in AFR reading through ProSport EVO 60MM Gauge and Bosch WideBand O2 Sensor 05 USDM EJ205 WRX Wagon 93 Octane

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I attached two videos of me doing a pull in 3rd&4th gear. If you look closely at the gauge during the WOT pull It leans out for short instances. Is that an inaccurate reading or could it represent some sort of fueling issue? I am also knocking slightly too but I am unsure if the issue is related. Let me know if I need to provide anymore information.

Thanks guys!

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Do you have the ability to do a data log of the motor?


Hey Andy, I have an AccessPort that I use for logging but I don't have any way of logging data from the WideBand.

You seem to be running pretty rich?

Your leanspots could be missfires for whatever reason

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