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ABS Retrofit and rotary selection

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Hi everybody,

I searched for this topic but I couldnt find anything so feel free to point to the right topic if I missed.

I am going through the practical harness - professional construction course and the rotary switch construction, where Zac just touched a topic that I am extremely interested in but I couldnt find anything around: ABS retrofit and map selection with rotary switch.

Does anybody has done something similar?

I have an ABS unit where I was planning to play around.

Any help would be appreciated.



What documentation do you have on the ABS unit? You would expect that to have information on available inputs for map selection, or communication details if it is somehow controlled via protocol such as CAN.

I am not using any specific pump, the topic is kind of starting from the other end:

-Has anybody done that?

-ABS Unit used?

I just hope that makes sense

I'm involved in setting up a car that has the Bosch M5 ABS kit:


There is also a BMW Teves M60 setup that can be re-programmed by some folks. Here is someone that offers that for sale:


Thanks a lot David!

I have taken a loot at those Bosch Motorsports ABS kits before but its quite pricy just for the shake of doing something myself.

The ABS kit looks like its based in the 8.X generation Bosch ABS kit, but looking at the pinout there are no options (more than the sensors themself). Maybe if you use a rotary switch and include it in the pressure sensor and steering angle circuit? so you use it to remove ABS interaction?

I assume that if you bring that back to "1" you should have your full interaction again, being "0" no interaction at all?



Looks to me like the ABS function switch attached to pins 21 22 and 7 offers two analog signals (rotary pots) and one digital input (switch?) There is another ABS enable switch that controls the whole unit.

Did you look at this PDF that has schematics and wiring drawings:


Yeah well, that is the Bosch Motorsports ABS Kit, I think is known to have that functionallity.

The question is if you can make that happen from a non-motosports ABS unit, like reflashing or something similar.

I don't think so, unless you can re-program the processor in the ABS system. Not a typical DIY project.