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Accel Enrich Problem...maybe?

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Hello, I have a is300 with a 1jz vvti 370cc injectors. I'm running a ecumasters classic piggy back style with the stock ecu because I have an automatic.

I cut the injectors and coils directly to the ecumasters and share the connections of everything else, my iac is not hooked up to the ecumasters either.

I have the car started and idling around 700rpm, but any blip of the throttle above 3% leans it out and it dies or almost dies. Is there anything else I should be looking at besides the accel enrichment? Any adjustment I make to the accel enrichment does absolutely nothing. I can even drive the car if I dont make any sudden tps changes. AFR's are in the ballpark in all cells. Thanks everyone. If you need any files from me let me know.

It would certainly be the first place I'd be looking, but can you log your TPS signal at the maximum logging rate and check its a nice smooth signal? I'm sure the ECU will do some smoothing on it anyway, but you want to make sure you're getting a good signal there.

yeah,https://gyazo.com/12cca0c26d5b6003ab2219be70157485 is a screen shot of the log, I tried uploading the file but it says its null, It looks like the TPS is smooth to me, watching it on the gauge it doesnt jump up or down. Thanks for the help.

Hello ,

Are you tuning det3 ?

If so this one not controlling coils directly !

No this isnt the det3 this is a full standalone, I have full control of coils and injectors.

Does the Manifold Pressure signal respond quickly when you open the throttle? Over-filtering the MAP signal can make an engine not respond well, since the manifold pressure is usually used for fuel calculations. Try quickly giving the engine full throttle, and watching the MAP trace compared to the throttle trace. MAP should increase pretty quickly from vacuum to atmosphere, the shape of the MAP trace will look a lot like the TPS trace.

I will check again but looking at the log it looks pretty smooth, it’s almost instantaneously how fast the car leans out. And it happens at all rpm ranges. If I’m holding at 2k rpm at idle and blip the throttle it leans out to 22-26. What should my pulse width increase during this open throttle period? Idle my pw is at 1.96 ms and when I stab the throttle it only increases to like 2.30-2.40 is that enough?

What exactly does the piggyback do? Does it intercept the fuel pulsewidth and increase it? Does it trick the mass airflow or map sensor signal?

Does it calculate the pulsewidth all on its own?

2-3 milisecond pulsewidth not enough at that load . Should be around 4.5-6

Argh it’s not a piggy back it’s a full standalone.

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