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Actual volumetric efficiency values?

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Hey guys,

What are some real volumetric efficiency numbers you guys have on your engines?

I have an sr20det, fairly usual street car mods (mods below), and I get around 115-120% volumetric efficiency. I understand that their could definitely be errors imbedded into the map, which I'd mainly expect from injector flow rate incorrectly modeled.

So what are some real volumetric efficiency numbers people get? Please post VE maps if you would. Info required for turbo sizing on borgwarners matchbot.

Mods I have and getting 115-120% VE, sr20det, tomei poncams, pulsar g25-550, low mount exhaust mani, 3" turbo back straight through, front mount, 17psi.


I don't think those peak values are out of line. On NA engines with very good exhausts & intake systems, I see 120 - 130% VE values. On a 944 Turbo project, I had about 110% ve peak.

The MoTeC M130 GP package baselines (4-cylinder turbo), have a peak VE of 117%.

Thanks mate, I always assumed my numbers were realistic. It's just when I've gone to select turbos on borgwarners matchbot, I've started doubting the numbers as VE numbers of 120 don't match the apps suggested values

Those values sound optimistic for that engine and mod list, but perhaps.

What ECU, injectors are you using and is the ECU actively using fuel pressure compensation?

Haltech elite 1500, bosch 980cc injectors and yes it is actively compensating for fuel pressure. The fuel pressure sensor is mounted remotely in a block with a 35 gtr fuel pulse damper.

I'd be careful sticking pulse dampers in. They often make things worse when the entire fuel system isn't exactly as designed.

Logging fuel pressure at the injectors at 500 Hz over a wide range of operation with and without it will give you a good idea whether it's helping or hurting.

That could be skewing things, as could the injectors not having exact characterization data, perhaps combined with the fuel model in that ECU which does seem to result in higher values than I see with other ECUs on similar setups.

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