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Adaptronic enable or autodetect upgrade to sequential injection from batch?

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Hey guys,

I'm running an adaptronic modular ecu in a 1990 Mx5 1.6 that comes with paired/batch/semi sequential injector setup

I've just rewired it to fully sequential to the 2 new pins being used.

I would guess I need to "enable" fully sequential mode to get this working.

Where do I do this in Eugene?

Had a good look everywhere I can but can't find a clear answer or obvious button for it.


PS, love this site and all the work that's been put in! Been watching on YT for years, but recently signed up for gold.

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hello check here


mine looks totally different.. there's no output control option under outputs>injection

Okay so, digging deeper.

I've found that if I load up a "select" basemap instead of "modular" I get a version of Eugene like the one in your screenshot above, all different but pretty similar with the option I'm looking for.

Suggestions? Select looks to be an older ECU from Adaptronic?

Do you think there's a problem with Eugene? Like a bug?

Thanks for your help!!

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here is my map, please let me know if im missing something?

Adaptronic only said "you gotta change it in the software"

lol I was like "how?"

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Adaptronic got back to me in more detail, there is nothing to change in Eugene for this with my specific setup. I just needed to re do the wiring a different way as it's already running full sequential even though wired for semi. So just correcting the wiring which is different to the default mazda pin locations made it work, it "just works" when you get the wiring write.

The only injector that is in the default location is number 1, the other 3 are pinned different to the way mazda did it or the way megasquirt does it

Resolved and running:)

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