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Adaptronic-Mazda rx7-Ign-1a coils

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I'm installing a set of Haltech Ign-1a coils on my fd3s Rx7. They will be run in Direct fire mode. When configuring these Haltech give a dwell time of 4.5ms. Is it OK to use this number over the full rpm vs voltage table in the Adaptronic Modular ecu?

I would run less than that on a rotary since they need to fire every 360 deg. The recommended max duty cycle on these coils is 40% so with 4.5ms dwell you would hit that threshold at about 5200RPM.

I have never needed any more than about 3ms with these coils so start there and only bump it up if you have misfires at that. If your ECU allows a 3D dwell table then you can also do batt voltage Vs MAP and just give it extra dwell for high boost conditions.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the reply. We can have a 3d table. It is setup as voltage vs rpm out of the box. I'll see if can change an axis.

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